LanzaJet and Airbus sign SAF production partnership


LanzaJet and Airbus have signed a MoU to scale up the production of LanzaJet’s Alcohol-to-Jet Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production facilities.

The agreement was signed by Jimmy Samartzis, CEO, LanzaJet and Julie Kitcher, executive vice president, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Airbus. Both said the agreement is aimed at addressing the needs of the aviation sector as it begins to decarbonise.

“SAF is the best near-term solution to reducing aviation emissions and this collaboration between LanzaJet and Airbus is an important step forward in the fight against climate change and enabling the global energy transition,” said Samartzis. “We look forward to continuing our work with Airbus and further grow our joint impact across the globe.”

LanzaJet’s uses low-carbon ethanol as feedstock to create SAF. The company claims that SAF produced using its Alcohol-to-Jet technology is a drop-in fuel that is compatible with existing aircraft and infrastructure.

For Kitcher, of Airbus, the whole aviation ecosystem needs to work together to ensure the scale up of SAF production. [run quote on after last sentence].“With LanzaJet as a trusted partner, we can support the acceleration of the Alcohol-to-Jet SAF production pathway and at scale,” said Kitcher. “This collaboration will also explore technological developments to enable Airbus aircraft to be capable of flying up to 100% SAF before the end of the decade.”

LanzaJet and Airbus added that the two firms will investigate further business opportunities with airlines and other stakeholders in the aviation industry.