Emirates operates A380 with 100% SAF on one engine


Emirates said it has successfully completed A380 demonstration flight using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) from Dubai International Airport with one of four engines powered on sustainable fuel.

“Emirates is the first passenger airline in the world to operate an A380 with 100% drop-in SAF powering one of four Engine Alliance GP7200 engines. This is another proud moment for Emirates and our partners, as we put words into action with the research into and the trialling of higher concentrations of SAF to eventually lead to industry adoption of 100% SAF flying,” said Adel Al Redha, COO, Emirates Airline.

The 100% SAF was used in one Engine Alliance GP7200 engine, while conventional jet fuel was used in the other three. The PW980 auxiliary power unit from Pratt & Whitney Canada also ran on 100% SAF. SAF is currently capped at a 50% blend limit in engines for commercial flights.

The flight carried four tonnes of SAF comprised of HEFA-SPK provided by Neste and HDO-SAK from Virent. ENOC helped to secure the neat SAF comprised of HEFA-SPK, and blended it with SAK at its facility in Dubai International Airport ahead of the demonstration flight.

Emirates SAF flight announcement comes on the heels of Gulfstream’s successful completion of its first transatlantic flight using 100% SAF.

Earlier this year, Emirates successfully completed the first 100% SAF-powered demonstration flight in the region on a GE90-powered Boeing 777-300ER.

Last month, the first Emirates flights operating with SAF provided by Shell Aviation took off from Dubai International Airport. Shell supplied 315,000 gallons of blended SAF for use at the airline’s hub in Dubai.

The airline recently expanded its partnership with Neste for the supply of over 3m gallons of blended SAF in 2024 and 2025 for flights departing from Amsterdam Schiphol and Singapore Changi airports.

Emirates currently uplifts SAF in Norway and France and the airline continues to seek opportunities to use SAF at various airports as supply becomes available.