Rolls-Royce launches SAF programme for business aviation


Rolls-Royce inspects engine.

Rolls-Royce announced business aviation customers worldwide will now be able to sign up for its new SAFinity programme which will combine independently verified sustainability projects with a direct investment in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to accelerate availability and usage of SAF in the aviation industry.

The company said the companies using any business aircraft and engines will be eligible to participate in the SAFinity programme.

“We are excited about leaving the pilot phase of our pioneering SAFinity service and opening it up to the wider market. We have worked hard over the last months to ensure a smooth customer experience, integrating STRIPE payment and making it as easy as possible for customers to fuel their journey to net zero,” said Frank Moesta, senior vice president, Rolls‑Royce.

Rolls-Royce and Shell Aviation are working together on SAFinity. The two firms have also agreed to integrate Avelia, a blockchain-powered book and claim platform for SAF. Avelia uses blockchain technology to ensure secured allocation of SAF’s environmental attributes to companies and operators after the fuel has been delivered into the fuel network.

“Unlocking SAF demand in the business aviation segment can help bolster overall demand signals, so we’re pleased to continue our work with Rolls-Royce and the SAFinity programme into the commercial phase. Integrating Avelia, our blockchain SAF platform, into the SAFinity offering showcases how digital technology can support this customer group to support their investment into SAF regardless of geographical or scale limitations,” said Jan Toschka, president, Shell Aviation.

Rolls-Royce, through various test flights, recently demonstrated that current engines for large civil and business jet applications can operate with 100% SAF as a full drop-in option.