Wizz Air investment in Firefly bag “Strategic Investment of the Year – Europe” award


Wizz Air’s £5m investment in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) producer Firefly secured the coveted “Strategic Investment of the Year – Europe” award at SAF Investor Conference.

“We are thrilled to receive the SAF Investor Award for our first equity investment in Firefly, a sustainable aviation fuel producer. The aviation industry faces a major challenge in securing enough SAF, and we are committed to supporting innovative technologies like Firefly’s that can benefit the industry in long-term. Sewage sludge is an important feedstock as it is abundant and cheap, which is important for our ultra-low-cost model. We are proud to be an industry innovator in this field with the ambition to set the standard for other airlines for advancing the future of aviation,” said Yvonne Moynihan, corporate and ESG officer, Wizz Air.

This partnership poised to make clean skies accessible to budget-conscious travellers, revolutionizing the affordability and reach of sustainable aviation.

As a pioneer in waste-based SAF production, Firefly’s technology transforms readily available and low-value sewage sludge into clean fuel, unlocking a sustainable and cost-effective path to decarbonizing aviation.

This partnership guarantees Wizz Air access to 525,000 metric tons of SAF over 15 years, significantly reducing their carbon footprint and paving the way for greener budget travel.

Under the partnership, Wizz Air and Firefly plan to actively collaborate on research and development, aiming to optimize the production process and scale up SAF availability.

Additionally, they advocate for supportive policies and regulations that incentivize waste-based SAF production, making it even more competitive in the market.