Air France-KLM, DG Fuels take home “Strategic Investment of the Year” award


Air France-KLM’s $4.7m investment in DG Fuels’ Louisiana-based SAF plant soared away with the “Strategic Investment of the Year” award.

A longstanding frontrunner in sustainability within the aviation industry, Air France-KLM has consistently pushed the boundaries of environmentally conscious practices. Their investment in DG Fuels reflects their unwavering commitment to decarbonizing aviation, aiming to reach 10% SAF usage by 2023 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

As a pioneer in biofuel production, DG Fuels brings innovative technology and a dedication to sustainable solutions to the table.

The company’s Louisiana plant, leveraging high-efficiency carbon conversion technology, promises to produce large volumes of SAF from biomass, significantly increasing the available supply of this critical alternative fuel.

Moreover, this partnership extends far beyond a financial commitment.

Air France-KLM has secured an option to purchase up to 25m gallons of SAF annually from DG Fuels over a multi-year period, solidifying their future fuel supply and driving production volumes upwards.

Additionally, both companies actively collaborate on research and development, aiming to further advance SAF technology and unlock its full potential.

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