Boeing buys 9.4m gallons of SAF for US commercial operations


Boeing ecoDemonstrator Explorer 787 aircraft in flight

Leading global aerospace firm Boeing announced that it is purchasing 9.4m gallons of blended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to support its 2024 US commercial operations in an effort to reduce its carbon emissions.

The company said it will receive 4m gallons of the blended SAF into its fuel farms in the Pacific Northwest.

EPIC Fuels will supply 2.5m gallons whereas Avfuel will provide another 1.5m gallons of blended SAF from Neste.

Meanwhile, the company said the remainder volume of 5.4m gallons SAF will be purchased through the book-and-claim system. This system allows company to purchase SAF certificates to displace conventional jet fuel. Under the book-and-claim system, instead of putting the fuel into a Boeing fuel farm, distributors will deliver it to nearby airports for use by airlines and other carriers.

Of this 5m, around 3.5m gallons will be supplied by EPIC Fuels using Neste’s SAF blend whereas the remainder 1.9m gallons will be provided by World Fuel Services using World Energy’s SAF.

This is Boeing’s largest annual SAF purchase, more than 60% higher than its buy in 2023.

The blended fuel – 30% SAF made from waste by-products such as fats, oils, and greases and 70% conventional jet fuel – will support the Boeing ecoDemonstrator program and Boeing US commercial operational flights.