Condor airline signs SAF offtake agreement with Caphenia

The German leisure Condor airline will begin receiving SAF from the company from 2027 onwards.

Synthetic fuel technology producer Caphenia have signed an agreement to supply sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to German leisure Condor airline from 2027 onwards.

“The partnership with Condor is a remarkable step for the development of SAF. The signal it sends in this crucial phase of SAF production ramp-up is groundbreaking. It shows the market and potential investors that, through cooperation and foresight, it is possible to provide the required quantities of SAF for aviation,” said Dr. Misselhorn, CEO, Caphenia.

The company said that as a partner, the airline will support Condor airline in further development of the process to market maturity while securing access to agreed-upon quantities once production reaches an industrial scale.

Caphenia has developed a power-and-biogas-to-liquid (PBtL) reactor that produces syngas from biomethane, CO2, water, and electricity, serving as the precursor for renewable fuels and other chemical products. The company claims that its technology uses six times less electricity and enables CO2 reduction of up to 92% allowing the company to sell renewable fuels at competitive prices.

The company is currently developing its eSAF production plant in the Hochst Industrial Park, Germany.  The company expects the facility to demonstrate the scalability of their technology and pave way for a sustainable future in the energy and transportation sectors.