Infinium signs CO2 agreement Kinetik for eFuels production


eFuels projects developer Infinium said that it has signed an agreement with a subsidiary of Kinetik Holdings to purchase CO2 to use as a feedstock in the production of eFuels.

As part of the agreement, Kinetik will dedicate CO2 from one of its amine gas processing facilities in West Texas to be supplied to Infinium for use at its Project Roadrunner.

Infinium is targeting to develop Project Roadrunner and deliver products (primarily eSAF) in both the US as well as international markets.

“There are many roles to be played in the energy transition, and this partnership shows that eFuels production and utilisation is truly a win-win for all in the energy industry,” said Robert Schuetzle, CEO, Infinium.

“It’s great to welcome Kinetik into our community of companies seeking beneficial reuse solutions for its CO2. The agreement demonstrates major progress and shows Kinetik’s leadership relative to the existing traditional oil and gas sector’s carbon emissions strategies.”

Infinium is currently developing projects to produce eFuels using using waste CO2 and green hydrogen derived from renewable power.

“Our partnership with Infinium reinforces Kinetik’s commitment to sustainability and our role as an agent for change. As the first step of Kinetik’s New Energy Ventures, I am excited to announce our participation in Project Roadrunner and strongly support Infinium’s mission to significantly reduce carbon emissions,” said Jamie Welch, president and CEO, Kinetik.

Infinium received a $75m equity commitment from Bill Gates-founded platform Breakthrough Energy Catalyst for investment in Project Roadrunner.

The eFuels producer has already signed eSAF supply agreement with American Airlines with emission reductions going to Citi.

Infinium operates the world’s first commercial scale eFuels facility in Corpus Christi, Texas and has more than a dozen projects in various stages of development globally.