BCG signs SAFc deal with Twelve


Boston Consulting Group (BCG) announced today a partnership with Twelve, carbon transformation company, to purchase SAF certificates (SAFc).

The agreement runs from 2026 to 2029 and is expected to reduce BCG’s emissions by over 4,000 metric tons of CO2.

BCG, a member of the First Movers Coalition, aims to replace at least 5% of its conventional jet fuel with high-quality SAF by 2030.

“Today’s agreement is another step in advancing innovation in the sustainable aviation fuels market, which remains key to decarbonizing air travel,” said David Webb, chief sustainability officer, BCG.

“We are proud of our longstanding involvement in this market since its earliest days, ranging from founding membership of the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance (SABA) to participating in initiatives such as the World Economic Forum-led Clean Skies for Tomorrow coalition and the United Airlines Ventures Sustainable Flight Fund.”

SAFcs will be tracked through the SAFc Registry allowing the consulting firm to claim greenhouse gas reductions while the physical SAF goes to airlines. The transaction’s integrity is ensured through a digital tracking system similar to renewable energy investment models.

This purchase is part of a broader effort coordinated by the SABA, co-founded by BCG.

Earlier on May 7th, BCG signed another signed an agreement for the purchase of SAFc with California-based SAF producer World Energy. The agreement will run through 2028 and is expected to deliver an emissions reduction of 100,000 metric tons of CO2 for BCG over the next five years.

Twelve produces E-Jet® using the power-to-liquid jet fuel made from CO2, water and renewable electricity.