Haffner to develop SAF plant at Paris-Vatry airport


Haffner Energy announced plans to develop Paris-Vatry sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) project at Paris-Vatry airport in France’s Grand-Est region to meet the exponential demand for the decarbonisation of air transport.

“These major strategic projects are highly value-creating for the company,” said company’s Philippe Haffner, chairman and CEO.

The site will have an initial production capacity of 30,000 tonnes of SAF per year, with the option of doubling production to 60,000 tonnes with potential to triple production volumes to 90,000 tonnes per year in the second phase of development.

“This is a strategic project, as it contributes to the decarbonisation of aviation and reflects the green reindustrialisation policy, a source of job creation, that we are collectively pursuing. It offers unprecedented development prospects for the economic and industrial sovereignty of the Grand-Est Region and of France,” said Franck Leroy, president, Grand-Est Region, France.

The project will produce SAF using Haffner’s SAFNOCA®, a feedstock agnostic technology with the ability to process biomass without conflicts of use nor restrictions.

The company plans to use biomass residues from local farms for their project. The project is located in Marne County near Paris. Marne County is France’s leading agricultural area with an abundant biomass residues availability. The county has signed an MoU with Haffner Energy.

The company said that several airlines have already expressed a keen interest in the SAF produced at Paris-Vatry airport, not least because of its proximity to major international airports, primarily Paris-Charles de Gaulle, but also Luxembourg and Brussels.

Meanwhile, it further claimed that several industry players have also expressed an interest in investing in this project.


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