Rotterdam Airport, Port Authority to develop SAF supply chain


(c) Ralf Roletschek

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) and the Port of Rotterdam Authority signed a letter of intent to collaborate on developing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and hydrogen fuel supply chains.

The collaboration aims to establish new methods for supplying, producing, and purchasing alternative fuels.

They will also share knowledge and expertise in this area.

The port of Rotterdam said that companies such as Shell, Neste, Varo, UPM and BP have announced their intentions, and the first plants are under construction for this purpose.

Besides this bio-based SAF, future demand will also include eSAF based on CO2 which will further increase demand for Hydrogen as a feedstock.

RTHA plans to combine all three approaches including bio-based SAF, electric battery-powered aircrafts, and green hydrogen to help decarbonise aviation.

RTHA said it will focus on increasing the use of SAF beyond the European requirement and develop hydrogen infrastructure and applications.