Airport operator SEA Prime announces SAF incentive


Airport operator SEA Prime announced that it will extend a €1,000 ($1,085) incentive for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) buyers at its airports – operated under the brand Milano Prime.

The company made the announcement on the sidelines of the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition 2024 in Geneva.

“There are lots of myths about SAF—it’s available, it’s not available, who produces it, where it’s produced,” said Chiara Dorigotti, CEO, SEA Prime at EBACE.

“I think there’s a bit of doubt, even among operators. We wanted to be very transparent that the product is there—there is no doubt that the product is there—and we’ve tried to highlight that. We’re trying to create the momentum which we think is necessary for the product to develop.”

The operator will begin offering the SAF incentive from the second half of 2024 with a cap of €50,000.

Dorigotti said that with demand in place, SEA Prime can contribute towards helping the aviation sector decarbonise through its SAF offering.

“We thought it was the best way, as an airport, to support the use of SAF, which we’ve seen is one of the things that we actually have today to reduce the carbon footprint,” she added.

Earlier in 2022, the company partnered with DHL Express Italy and fuel provider Eni to supply SAF with 20% belnd to 28 DHL flights.

SEA Prime operates Milano Linate Prime and Milano Malpensa Prime in the economic capital of Italy. Malpensa was the first airport in Italy to supply SAF through its pipeline.