UK’s Zero partners with Airbus to develop eSAF


UK-based whole-blend synthetic, non-biological fuels developer Zero Petroleum announced that it has signed a partnership with French aircraft manufacturer Airbus to accelerate the development of synthetic sustainable aviation fuel (eSAF).

“By combining Airbus’ legacy of innovation with Zero’s proven, high-performance eSAF solution, we are well positioned to advance on the industry’s net zero decarbonisation targets faster than today,” said Paddy Lowe, CEO, Zero.

The partnership aims to enable commercial-scale adoption of eSAF by combining the expertise and resources of both firms.

Zeo said that it plans to setup commercial scale production of 100% drop-in synthetic SAF via a fully carbon-neutral process using just air and water. The fuel’s energy density and ability to power existing engines without modification make it an ideal solution for aviation, which faces distinct challenges as a hard-to-abate sector.

The company said that agreement with Airbus could lead to a development of new technology pathway being certified for the everyday use of eSAF in aviation.

The synthetic fuel producer has signed agreements with Rolls-Royce, Boeing, ADNOC Petroleum and Intertek to develop synthetic fuels including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

Zero Petroleum facilitated the world’s first 100% eSAF flight fuelling Royal Air Force’s flights with its Zero Petroleum’s UL91 fuel. The fuel was made using hydrogen extracted from water, and carbon extracted from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Earlier in 2022, Zero announced its plans to set up ‘Plant Zero.1’ technology centre at Bicester Heritage and undertake a major local recruitment drive for its joint development project with the Royal Air Force (RAF).