Comstock, RenFuel deepen partnership to develop SAF/RD plants


US-based renewable technology developer Comstock and Swedish bioproducts developer RenFuel expanded their agreement to prioritise commercial production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel.

Comstock’s CEO Corrado De Gasperis that the company “has decided to prioritise various opportunities for construction commercial facilities based on joint applications of Comstock’s and RenFuel’s technologies in the Americas, including an initial 50,000 tons per annum facility and at least one 1mtpa facility primarily designed to convert qualified biomass feedstocks into SAF and renewable diesel. This is consistent with all of the ongoing discussions with our strategic and capital partners.”

Earlier this year, Comstock announced it would invest around $3m over a period of three years in RenFuel to develop renewable fuel technologies and biorefinery in Sweden.

The amendments focus on developing RenFuel’s existing biorefinery project in Sweden and pave the way for a broader partnership across Europe.

This collaboration involves streamlining RenFuel’s structure to prepare for larger commercial facilities that will utilise both companies’ technologies. As part of the amendments, RenFuel-Preem JV, a previously planned joint venture with Preem, will be dissolved.

“The subsidiary liquidation is important to streamlining our structure in anticipation of scaling our process together with Comstock’s planned facilities, both in the Americas and Europe. We are excited by our partnership and the significantly expanded markets of our joint technologies,” said Sven Löchen, CEO, RenFuel.

Comstock’s technology converts biomass into cellulosic ethanol and bioleum blends, achieving high yields and low carbon intensity scores. RenFuel’s technology refines bioleum into Hydrodeoxygenated Bioleum Oil (HBO) for advanced biofuel refineries. Comstock holds exclusive rights to RenFuel’s refining technology in the Americas.

Earlier in 2018, Sweden’s fuel giant Preem invested in Lignolproduktion AB, a joint venture between Preem and RenFuel to establish of an extraction plant for the production of Lignol, produced from lignin, extracted from the Swedish forests.