Alder Renewables moves into new lab to expedite commercialisation


Renewable fuel technology developer Alder Renewables announced it has expanded its operations and technical team to expedite the commercialisation of its innovative Alder Renewable Crude (ARC) and Alder Pyrolytic Sugars (APS) platform.

The company has moved into a dedicated 4,200 square-foot lab facility in Boulder, Colorado.

This new space houses Alder Renewables’ lab test stand equipment, pre-pilot reactors, and a fully integrated pilot plant designed for rapid data analysis.

The lab is zoned and permitted for processing ARC and APS at a barrel-per-day rate, with additional capabilities for gallon-per-day hydrotreating to produce sustainable fuels and biobased chemicals.

“There’s nobody happier than the technical team now that we are operating within our own dedicated lab in Colorado. This next step is exciting for us, particularly as we become laser focused on accelerating the scale-up and commercialisation of our technology as a team,” said Derek Vardon, CTO, Alder Renewables,

The company said it has bolstered its technical team with the appointment of Jessica Brown, who will focus on refining APS into fuels and chemicals while Earl Christensen has been promoted to Vice President of Research & Development.

Alder is working on producing SAF from miscanthus ARC which has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 110% compared to conventional fossil jet fuel.

Compared to other conventional feedstocks currently used to produce SAF, Miscanthus can store roughly half of the carbon it removes from the air below ground. It builds extensive root and microbial systems that enrich soil, reduce water and soil runoff, and improve nutrient retention.

Alder Renewables was awarded a research and development cooperative agreement by the Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office to conduct research into Miscanthus potential towards SAF production.