Velocys Altalto, Immingham UK – around 60m litres from 2027


Project: Velocys Altalto, Immingham UK – around 60m litres from 2027
Location: Immingham, Lincolnshire
Feedstock: Municipal Waste (black bin bags)
Construction start: 2024
SAF Production start: 2027
SAF target:  <60m litres of SAF
Customers: British Airways
Funding:  UK £27m (2022),  UK Green Fuels, Green Skies competition £2.4M (2021), £934,000 (2019) from the Future Fuels for Flight and Freight (F4C) competition

The plant will take over 500,000 tonnes per year of household and office waste (including hard-to-recycle plastics), left over after recycling and destined for landfill or incineration. Most of the plant is dedicated to SAF with some naphtha also being produced.

December 2022 comments

Jonathon Counsell, IAG’s Group Head of Sustainability:  “Investing in sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) is one of the best opportunities our industry has to decarbonise. We’re delighted that Velocys has received crucial financial support in the UK from the Department for Transport Advanced Fuels Fund.

IAG has committed US$865 million in SAF purchases and investments to date. With the right policy support to incentivise further investment, the UK could see many SAF plants built over the next decade, creating 6,500 jobs, and saving over three million tonnes of CO2 per year as well as improving the UK’s energy security.”

Cllr Philip Jackson, leader of North East Lincolnshire Council: I’m really pleased to see this announcement for the project. We have been working with Velocys for several years now – investment on this scale will always take a significant length of time, but this will allow the plans to progress to the next stage.

We have been working to make North East Lincolnshire a top competitor for green energy investment decisions, and we have grown our credentials, both onshore and offshore, greatly in the last few years. We will continue to work with Velocys to land this important project, and help create local jobs for local people.”

Henrik Wareborn, Velocys CEO: “We are encouraged to see that the UK Government is taking seriously the urgent need to transition to lower carbon travel and transport, with its stated ambition of having at least five commercial scale SAF plants under construction in the UK by 2025. Velocys’ IP protected technology provides a pathway to large-scale production of SAF, which is an essential element for achieving net-zero-carbon air travel.”


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