Raven SR, California


Project: Raven SR, California SAF from general waste by 2025
Location: California
Feedstock: Waste (green waste, municipal solid waste, organic waste, and methane from municipal solid waste)
Process: Steam/CO2 Reformation
SAF Production start: 2025
Customers: All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines 
Engineering, procurement and construction partner: Stellar J Corporation

Raven SR technology is a non-combustion thermal, chemical reductive process that converts organic waste and landfill gas to hydrogen and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels. Its Steam/CO2 Reformation does not require fresh water as a feedstock. Raven SR says that the process is more efficient than conventional hydrogen production and can deliver fuel with low to negative carbon intensity. Raven SR’s aims to generate as much of its own power onsite as possible.

Investors in the company are: Chevron, Japanese trading house ITOCHU; Hyzon Motors, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer; Ascent Hydrogen Fund; Samsung Ventures; and Raven SR.