Project: IðunnH2, Helguvik, Iceland


Project: IðunnH2, Helguvik, Iceland

Location: Helguvík Harbour, Iceland
Feedstock: Air to power
Construction start:
SAF Production start: 2027
SAF target: 
Announced customers: Icelandair 
Consultants: Element Energy (Cambridge UK); Mannvit Consulting Engineers

IðunnH2 will use Iceland’s 100% renewable energy (hydropower, geothermal and wind) to make green hydrogen and SAF. The company says that although energy rates are competitive, the problem is forming long-term power purchase agreements with suppliers. IðunnH2 has agreements in principle and also signed up Icelandair as a customer in March 2023.

The site is near Keflavík International Airport.


March 2023 comments

Audur Baldvinsdottir, CEO of Idunn H2: Our project in Helguvík Harbour will lead to verifiable emissions reductions, added energy security, and supports the local economy. We’ve worked diligently on bringing the relevant stakeholders to the table to establish the benefits of having such a facility in Iceland.”


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