Stellar J invests in Raven SR


Stellar J Corporation, a contracting and engineering, procurement and construction firm, has invested in Raven SR which plans to convert municipal waste into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Raven SR’s other investors are: Chevron, Japanese trading house ITOCHU; Hyzon Motors, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer; Ascent Hydrogen Fund; and Samsung Ventures. It plans to start hydrogen from waste in 2024 and making SAF in 2025. Its first refinery is in California

Stellar J is already working as the engineering, procurement and construction firm for Raven SR. It made full-scale hydrogen production reformers that Raven SR used to prove its Steam/CO2 process.

“Raven SR values this expression of deep support and confidence by Stellar J as we move together from sharing a vision to making a transformative impact in the transportation fuel sector,” said Matt Murdock, CEO, Raven SR. “Stellar J’s knowledgeable and experienced team of engineers have proven to be valuable partners who are passionate about bringing Raven SR’s technology to market to advance the energy transition worldwide.”

 Stellar J has worked on bio-gas energy projects, digesters, landfill construction, wastewater treatment plants and general construction. 

“Our investment and partnership with Raven SR recognize the unique value proposition they provide as an answer to waste disposal challenges. Combined with efficient supply of cleaner transportation fuels, that creates even greater environmental and economic benefits,” said Bob Kinghorn, CEO, Stellar J Corporation. “We see tremendous opportunity to not only serve as a contractor for Raven SR but also an aligned strategic partner.”

 Raven SR uses a chemical reductive process to turn organic waste and landfill gas into hydrogen and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels. It does not burn the waste or need fresh water as a feedstock. It says that this is more efficient that traditional fuel production. Raven SR, which is based in Wyoming, plans to generate as much of its own power as possible when making SAF.