The Council on Sustainable Aviation Fuel introduces SAF support platform


CoSAFA's methodology promotes transparency and fairness for SAF book and claim

The Council on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (CoSAFA) has introduced an accounting support platform for companies purchasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) through the book and claim system.

CoSAFA’s Methodology for SAF Environmental Attribute Transactions offers information on SAF accounting and auditing procedures to support global book and claim systems. According to CoSAFA, the methodology helps ensure audibility, prevent double counting and provide transparency on aviation sustainability and decarbonisation claims.

The book and claim system allows (corporate) buyers to source SAF based on their total aviation footprint in one transaction, rather than sourcing through each airline or operator individually. Double counting then refers to when a company claims the environmental benefits of SAF through book and claim, when in fact it has already been used in a previous transaction.

The transition to Sustainable Aviation Fuels will be the greatest contributor to business aviation achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050,” said Claude Hurley, director, Environment & Flight Operations, the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

Book and claim systems are required for wider SAF uptake, especially in areas where it’s not yet readily available.”

Daniel Chereau, assistant director, Climate Policy, International Air Transport Association (IATA) agreed: “To scale up SAF use, we need robust book and claim systems that are agnostic, credible, and provide the necessary level of transparency.”

CoSAFA said the aim of the service is to provide access to decarbonisation solutions for all in the global aviation sector, as well as create an “attractive and stable investment environment” for commercially viable decarbonisation solutions. It also aims to ensure regulatory bodies and aviation firms can rely upon the integrity of book and claim transaction systems, and that they are actually gaining the benefit they pay for and not double counting.

Curt Castagna, president and CEO, National Air Transportation Association highlighted that the service was created alongside stakeholders in aviation to develop the SAF accounting method.

 “[The Methodology for SAF Environmental Attribute Transactions] provides the critical transparency needed in the development of fair rules for book and claim,” said Castagna. “Through continued collaboration across the aviation industry, CoSAFA can provide a unified foundation for SAF transactions.”