The economic power of Book and Claim


World Energy’s recent deals with Microsoft and DHL were forged through a common recognition of the power of the Book and Claim system for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Gene Gebolys, president & CEO, World Energy, told SAF Investor on a recent episode of The SAF Podcast. 

The podcast saw a great conversation starting from the origins of World Energy in a coffee shop 25 years ago, all the way through to their ambition to produce 1 billion gallons of SAF by 2030. The major focus, however, was on the importance of Book and Claim and SAF certificates to efficiently commercialise the availability of SAF globally. 

The changes really come when you offer the service of SAF not the molecule of SAF. It really unleashes the economic power,” Gebolys tells SAF Investor. 

Provided there is integrity on the buy side of the equation and a system that is “bullet proof” for the deals to be done in, Book and Claim can be the commercialisation innovation that propels the SAF industry forward. 

Efficiency is our guide, and it has to be. Then you have no choice but to end up in some sort of Book and Claim system” says Gebolys. 

It is clear to all involved in SAF that Book and Claim is currently the best solution for SAF adoption, at least until global supply can meet the ever growing demand. So it is vital that the system is underpinned by strong accountability and traceability. If there is one thing Gene Gebolys is firm on – it is that the industry only has one chance to get this right. 

Make sure you catch this fantastic discussion on The SAF Podcast where how World Energy maintains its drive to attack the status quo, where it gets its Capital from, its investment in Valent Low Carbon Technologies and the potential for biodiesel producers to follow World Energy’s lead and move into SAF production. 

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