CIMB Group joins DHL Express’ SAF programme

CIMB Group joins DHL Express GoGreen Plus

Kuala Lumpur-based CIMB Group joins DHL Express GoGreen Plus programme to increase usage of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in international shipments to reduce its Scope 3 emissions.

“SAF is widely acknowledged as a truly viable route to decarbonising the aviation sector. There is still significant progress to be made, as SAF makes up only 0.1% of aviation fuel consumed today,” said Julian Neo, managing director, DHL Express Malaysia and Brunei.

“We are impressed with the leadership CIMB has demonstrated in the sustainability space and we are delighted to have CIMB partner us for this important initiative. This motivates us to accelerate efforts to promote SAF availability, accessibility, and affordability so that our customers realise their environmental ambitions.”

The CIMB Group joins DHL Express GoGreen Plus reduce its carbon emissions by 20% from its international air shipments between Malaysia and Singapore.

The greenhouse gas reductions will be verified by independent auditor Société Générale de Surveillance.

“Many of our customers look at sustainability as a business imperative today. In Asia Pacific alone, more than 12,000 customers have signed up for our GoGreen Plus service and this number continues to grow consistently,” said Ken Lee, CEO DHL Express Asia Pacific.

“As a leading express logistics company, we always connect people and businesses across borders. GoGreen Plus serves as a vital avenue for businesses to cut carbon emissions, and we are convinced more will come on board.”

DHL’s GoGreen Plus helps businesses reduce carbon emissions associated with their shipments through the use of SAF. 

Many companies have signed up to DHL’s SAF programme to reduce their Scope 3 emissions including Spanish firm Camper, Bank of Philippine Island and Kuwait National Bank.