LOT Polish Airlines purchase SAF from SkyNRG


SkyNRG announced that it has successfully sold sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to LOT Polish Airlines under the book-and-claim arrangement.

SkyNRG supplied SAF to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’s hydrant system, rather than directly fuelling the LOT Polish Airlines fleet allowing the airline to access carbon reduction benefits.

LOT received an independently audited report to verify the environmental impact.

“We have implemented a Fuel Efficiency Management Policy that influences the reduction of CO2 emissions from our flights, and the provision of SAF to aircraft at Amsterdam Airport is part of the implementation of LOT’s decarbonization strategy,” commented Dorota Dmuchowska, COO, LOT.

The book-and-claim purchase allowed LOT to access the carbon reduction benefits of SAF, without physically using the fuel on its own aircrafts, saving carbon emissions and costs from unnecessary fuel transport.

“We are thrilled to partner with LOT on this journey towards sustainability. By choosing our SAF and the innovative Book and Claim method, LOT is showing they care about what their passengers want and demonstrating their commitment to more responsible aviation practices. We look forward to supporting them as they continue to make the aviation industry more sustainable,” said Theye Veen, CCO, SkyNRG.