Future Energy Global launches SAF market accelerator


Aviation, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and climate experts, led by Future Energy Global, have joined hands to launch financial ecosystem to accelerate the production and uptake of SAF in an effort to decarbonise aviation.

“The future is now,” said Natasha Mann, who leads Future Energy Global. “Given the size, scope and urgency of the need to scale SAF, collaboration is crucial. Future Energy Global’s pre-purchasing ecosystem brings investors, suppliers and buyers together, unlocking the capital to make that a reality.”

To reach net zero, SAF production needs to scale one thousandfold from 500m liters to 500bn liters between now and 2050, she added. Future Energy Global aims to accelerate the more than trillion dollars of infrastructure investment needed to enact it.

Mann is joined by co-founder Isabel Galiana who is a climate change economist.

Future Energy Global is served by an advisory team that comes from SAF, aviation, investment, and sustainability backgrounds, including: Thorsten Lange, former EVP of Neste’s renewable aviation business, Dr. Liam Cheung, founder and director of VC investments for Tactico, Magni Arge, former CEO of Atlantic Airways and Co-Founder of Ocean Rainforest and Patrick Edmond, MD, Altair Advisory.

Future Energy Global is backed by Aviation Partners, the world leader in advanced winglet technology that contain CO2 emissions through its products.

“Future Energy Global represents sustainability in action, providing the leadership, technology and experience to make widespread SAF use achievable,” said Gary Dunn, president, Aviation Partners. “It is a critical step that invests in everyone’s future.”

Future Energy Global is a financial services company that has developed SAF pre-purchasing ecosystem that accelerates the flow of capital to meet aviation’s net-zero goals.