Fujifilm signs up to Japan’s ‘Fry to Fly’ project for SAF production


Proceso de reciclaje de aceite doméstico

Japanese business transformation firm Fujifilm Business Innovation Corporation announced that it will participate in the ‘Fry to Fly Project’ by collecting used cooking oil from its premises to be used as feedstock for production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

“We will start providing waste cooking oil discharged from the employee cafeteria of the Yokohama Minato Mirai Plant … and contribute to the spread of SAF by disseminating the project’s efforts to employees and customers who visit the plant,” said the company in a statement.

“In the future, we plan to expand the scope of the program to include employee cafeterias at other Fujifilm Group sites.”

The Fry to Fly Project plans to collect waste cooking oil across Japan to be reused for the production of SAF.

Saffire Sky Energy, a joint venture set up by JGC Holdings, Cosmo Oil and Rainbow International, is set to begin manufacturing and supply SAF from recovered used cooking oil from FY 2025 onwards.

More than 102 companies, municipalities, and organisations are participating in the ‘Fry to Fly’ project.

Tokyo Subway to hold UCO collection event

Tokyo Subway announced that it will hold a used cooking oil collection event on June 28th and 29th outside the ticket gate of Urayasu Station on the Tozai Line as part of the ‘Fry to Fly Project’.

The company said it those who bring the UCO will receive Metro goods and can experience SAF manufacturing process via VR.

Tokyo Metro endorsed and participated in the ‘Fry to Fly Project’ in December, 2023 as an initiative to realise a decarbonised society through the reuse of used oil for SAF, and has been providing used oil to restaurants and other facilities operated by Metro Properties – a group company.

In April of this year, the company started offering UCO collection service from five locations of Metro Life Support which operates the employee cafeterias.