Existing and Planned SAF Projects


By late 2022 there were more than 100 publicly announced Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) projects. By 2050 there should be hundreds more.

In production in 2022

Atmosfair, Germany – experimental power-to-liquid 20 tonnes a year

Bp Castellon, Spain – from HEFA, co-produced with fossil fuels since 2021, first sold in 2023

Bp Lingen, Germany – from HEFA, co-produced with fossil fuels since 2022

Eni Taranto, Italy – from HEFA, co-produced with fossil fuels since 2022

Fulcrum Sierra, Nevada USA – 11m gallons a year from municipal solid waste

Neste Porvoo, Finland – 100,000 tons per year – from HEFA (used cooking oils and animal fats)

OMV Schwechat – Co-production with HEFA (used cooking oils) since 2022

Pertamina Cilacap,  Indonesia – Co-production with HEFA since 2022

Phillips 66 Humber, UK – Co-production with HEFA (used cooking oils and fats) since 2022

Total La Mède, France – Co-production with HEFA since 2021 

Total Oudalle, France – Co-production with fossil fuels since 2021 

World Energy Paramount, California, USA – 250m gallons in 2024 from HEFA (used cooking oils and animal fats)


LanzaJet Freedom Pines, Georgia, USA – 10m gallons SAF and renewable diesel from ethanol

Neste Rotterdam, Netherlands – 500,000 tons per year from HEFA (used cooking oils and animal fats)

Neste Singapore -1m tons per year from HEFA (used cooking oils and animal fats)

Oriental Energy, Guangdong Province, China – 1m tons from fats and used cooking oils


Phillips 66 Rodeo Revived, California, USA 

Total Grandpuits, France – 210,000 tons a year from HEFA/co-producing


Diamond Green Diesel, Texas – from HEFA

Grön Fuels, Louisiana – from waste

Project Speedbird, UK – 100m litres (2025) – from agriculture and wood waste

Raven SR, California – from waste


LanzaJet DRAGON, Wales, UK – 102m litres per year from steel factory emissions


Fulcrum BioEnergy NorthPoint, UK – 83.7kt/y of SAF from municipal solid waste

IðunnH2, Helguvik, Iceland – power to liquid from 100% renewable energy

SGP BioEnergy, Golden City Biorefinery, Panama – plans to be world’s largest SAF plant

SkyNRG, Pacific Northwest, USA – 90,000 tonnes/year from renewable natural gas

Velocys AltAlto, Immingham UK – around 60m litres from 2027 from municipal waste


Alfanar Energy Project Lighthouse – UK – 86.6 kt/year from municipal solid waste

SAF Investor updates all these projects regularly and if you would like to add or amend a project please email: [email protected]